MIC Injections Weight Loss


LipoTropic Injections

Lipotropic nutrients are a class of agents that play important roles in the body's use of fat. These compounds (Vitamin B12, Amino Acids & Co-Enzymes) enhance the liver and gallbladder's role in removing collected fat deposits, especially in the liver and the “Bad” fat that surrounds the abdominal organs. They are natural, safe, very effective, and health promoting. Da Vinci Health Services formula has been utilized in medically supervised weight loss for over 30 years.  

What Are MIC Lipotropic Injections

Originally used to help combat liver related illness in the 1930s, lipotropic injections have grown in due to their effectiveness in helping people struggling with obesity and weight loss. Early use of lipotropic injections was to help fight fatty liver disease, which is when lipids gather in the cells in the liver. 

Today, these injections are recognized as a powerful and effective way to assist in weight loss, especially in people who are obese or who have previously been unable to lose weight. Lipotropics are compounds that break down, and prevent buildup of excess fat in the body, especially the liver and abdomen. 

The main active ingredients found in lipotropic injections are the essential amino acids collectively known as MIC: 

Methionine: An essential amino acid and a major lipotropic compound in humans; helps to prevent excess fat build-up in the liver. 

Inositol: Vitamin B complex nutrient that aids metabolism of fats and helps reduce cholesterol in the blood. Inositol also helps regulate serotonin, which stabilizes mood and decreases feelings of hunger. 

Choline: This amino acid helps process and excrete waste and toxins from the liver; it also transports fat and cholesterol out of the body and helps to metabolize fat. 

In addition to the above MIC amino acids, Da Vinci Health Service’s (DVHS) compound also includes Vitamins B6 & B12.     

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