Chronic Pain Treatment


Tens of millions of Americans suffer from chronic pain — pain that lasts longer than six months. If you are one of these people, we have a chronic pain treatment that may assist you.

Da Vinci Health Services offers treatment to chronic pain through a combination of non-narcotic corticosteroids and vitamins to reduce inflammation and promote a healthier lifestyle.


Outstanding Results


Over the past two years since we started using this protocol, we have treated hundreds of patients and have had unbelievable results.


Patients who have hardly been able to walk or move call us up regularly to let us know how this treatment is increasing their quality of life and allowing them to do things they haven't done in years. 


Although there is no guarantee for relief, the vast majority of our patients have greater than 50% relief from chronic pain lasting on average from 3-9 months with just a single treatment. 

In many cases they have been able to greatly reduce the use of other medications to help manage their pain.



Many of our patients used to fly to different states and spend in excess of $1000 just to receive a single treatment. Da Vinci Health Services offers this same treatment for as little as $218 for returning patients and $238 for new patients. 

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